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Google Glasses as surveillance tool

Published on April 9, 2013 by


The company TASER, famous for developing its very friendly police-tools, have spread a rumor about testing and developing Google Glasses for police officers to user as a surveillance tool (face recognition via direct matching of live view w existing database). The reporter in the story makes the often-made reference to Robocop as a close-to-now future of a police-officer. (also, check the video).

Question here raise on how equality of availability and transparency play out when police-officers but maybe also citizens start wearing these glasses in public space, or specifically, in nighttime districts? Where already the smartphone and its often multiple camera create new imbalances and instabilities concerning what surveillance footage and data is, and where and how data is shared,  something like Google Glasses will create even an even more problematic situation and ‘opaqueness’ of surveillance. (as a citizen, I now cannot know anymore who is filming what, why, and where it will be shared). It makes you wonder if indeed I also want and need ‘to wear my sunglasses at night’, only to have the Google galsses-app that shows me which other Google Glasses are filming me?

source: the next web


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