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SUN team presentations and talks. All presentations provided here are in .PDF format.

Please note that these presentations are property of the SUN team, and protected as such.

Academic presentations

Speaker/discussant at Night mayors Summit (April 2016), Stadt nach8, Berlijn (November 2016), Beyond the paradox, Brussels (2018).


Winterschool ‘Night Cultures: (il)legalities and the politics of life after dark’. NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis and LUCAS (Leiden Centre for the Study of the Arts in Society), Universiteit Leiden. 20-22 January 2016.


Conference AAG – Association of American Geographers april 2014, Tampa Florida, US

Ilse van Liempt: Reclaiming civility in urban nightlife districts (Conference paper AAG Tampa 2014)


Conference 4S/EASST , 17 – 21 October 2012, Kopenhagen, Denmark

Tjerk Timan “New media and surveillance


Royal Geographical Society (RGS/ IBG), Annual International Conference 2012, 3-5 july 2012, Edinburgh, UK

Ilse van Liempt & Irina van Aalst “Bouncers’changing role in surveilling nightlife districts

Jelle Brands Variations within experiences of surveillance networks


Conference “Surveillance & Society”, 2-4 april 2012, Sheffield, UK.

Ilse van Liempt  Presentation IvL, Sheffield 2012

Tjerk Timan  Presentation_TT_Sheffield-2012


Conference “Club Health 2011” Praag

Jelle Brands  Presentatie JB,


Conference “Watching and Being Watched”  18-19 June, 2011, York, UK.

Tjerk Timan  watching and being watched


Conference “AAG – Association of American Geographers” 12-16 april 2011, Seattle, US

Irina van Aalst Rhythms of the night


Conference “AAG – Association of American Geographers”  12-16 april 2011, Seattle US

Jelle Brands (Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you)


Conference “AAG – Association of American Geographers”
12-16 april 2011, Seattle US

Ilse van Liempt (Safe Nightlife Programs – rationales, local differences and side effects)


Conference ‘4s – bi-annual meeting’, November 2011, Cleveland US

Tjerk Timan ‘new technologies of surveillance?

Other presentations

NFI ‘ Nationale Videodag‘ Den Haag, 6 juni 2013

Presentaties Jelle Brands, Barbara Heebels en Tjerk Timan


Lezing ‘Veilig uitgaan’, Irina van Aalst

KNAG Onderwijsdag 7 december 2012; Risico: geografie van gevaar & veiligheid


Lunchlezing CCV (1) Centrum Criminaliteitspreventie Veiligheid, 22 mei 2012, Utrecht

Irina van Aalst

Lunchlezing (2) Centrum Criminaliteitspreventie Veiligheid, 22 mei 2012, Utrecht

Jelle Brands


“Valorisatie Panel” 16/09/2011, Academiegebouw Utrecht

Presentations by Ilse van Liempt, Jelle Brands, and Tjerk Timan


Lezing Centrum Veilig & Gezond Uitgaan (CVGU)  25/01/2011, Trimbos Utrecht

Irina van Aalst (Urban Nightlife Life – angstgevoelens bij jongeren)


Lezing CCV  2011, Utrecht

Ilse van Liempt (Surveillance in de nachtelijke stad)




Scenario posters 1, 2 and 3 for  workshop (in Dutch)  ‘bodycam & veiligheid, Utrecht, 2012 (Tjerk Timan)

MVI congress The Hague 2012 (Jelle Brands)

MVI congress The Hague 2011 (Jelle Brands & Tjerk Timan)

CTIT congress Enschede 2011 (Tjerk Timan)

URU days 2010 (Jelle Brands & Tjerk Timan)

CTIT research days, 2009 (Tjerk Timan)