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The enforcer class of surveillance

Published on February 18, 2013 by

BoingBoing reports on a piece by Ian Welsh on the enforcer class. Their article can be found here as well as the lively discussion in the forum.  Although situated in the US and with a clear reason (provided here), I found it striking that while providng an analysis of the enforcer class, the solution by Mr. Welsh is found in supporting anarchistic movements that destroy CCTV cameras (see my earlier critque on this project here). How does the destruction of CCTV cameras influence the enforcer class? At best, it helps them too in remaining untraced, or unfilmed? The locus of ‘power’ of this ‘class’ (I find it hard to imagine, though, who are in this class and how thus this class is defined – I’m afraid reality is more fluid and grey than defining an ‘enforcer- class) is clearly not, or very partially, in the physical CCTV camera, I would argue. Rather, this can be found in back-end systems and searchability of these systems (video-analytics, contents, categories, protocol and ever-changing standards). More thoughts on this later…


source: boingboing

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