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camover game – destroying CCTV cameras in Berlin

Published on January 29, 2013 by

camover game project


The camover project is a protest against CCTV cameras in the form of a bottom-up game. The video is self- explanatory.  However, one can question what exactly is discussed and debated in this game. Taking down a couple of video cameras does not question the entire system of CCTV. Moreover, they film the entire game with their own video camera! In that sense, they perform an act of self-surveillance and are proud of it (it’ all over the Web). What would have been much stronger, in my view, if they would have used CCTV footage to record their actions via that same CCTV cameras. That would indeed show the ubiquitousness and the entire system behind CCTV. Now, it looks like some kids who make an attempt at anarchy via social media.


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