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Image feedback installation

Published on February 4, 2011 by

In finding methods for anwsering questions related to the feedback of CCTV images to public space, a first experiment is set up in the MACBerlijn cafe in Enschede, the netherland. This new media art cafe is situated in the corner of a train station square and the main route to the city centre. During a couple of weekends, a camera is situated in the window of this cafe (see picture 3). Each time a person walks by (e.g. when there is enough movement), a snapshot is taken and projected a) inside the cafe (see picture 1), b) outside the cafe (see picture 2).

During these nights, passers-by who stop and look at the picture are asked a short set of questions (if willing to co-operate) on this feedback of their own image to public space in this specific setup. How do people react? Do they find it annoying, funny, or somehow relevant? What does the image say to them?

Also, people inside the cafe are asked what these image are to them and how they experience this installation. More on this experiment soon.


picture 1: feedback inside the cafe


picture 2: feedback outside the cafe


picture 3: camera placement

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